Windows ResNet Manual Setup 

At this time the Windows ResNet configuration is currently experiencing issues, please follow the steps from our FAQ page to get connected after downloading the RUWireless/ResNet installer.

WHAT IS 802.1x?

802.1x is an authentication protocol for individual user based access control. With 802.1x network ports will be disconnected until a device capable of authenticating is plugged in. If a device is plugged in that cannot authenticate, it will only be able to access and


If you have set up RUWireless_Secure on your device in the past, your device is already configured!  Your configuration is also valid across any ResNet port throughout campus.

Any devices that do not support 802.1x, such as game consoles, streaming media devices, or routers, can be manually registered by your Computing Help Desk for connectivity without 802.1x configuration. To get these devices setup on the network call your respective Computing Help Desk.

Personal routers are prohibited except in residence halls without full RUWireless coverage. Wireless capabilities of personal printers will no longer be supported, but you may still use a cable to print.


If you have a device that connects directly to the wall and have not already set up RUWireless_Secure, please download the RUWireless/ResNet installer.

If you have a device that is not compatible with 802.1x, contact your local Computing Help Desk.