Getting Connected

Registering With 802.1x

To use the wired network, first plug your device in to the data port on your wall with an Ethernet Cable. (The data ports are usually black)

Once your device is plugged in, open a web browser and navigate to From there you will be presented with three possible screens. A page with a green light, a yellow light, or a red light.


Testing Configuration: Green Light

green traffic light

If you see a green traffic light on the ResNet homepage, your device is correctly configured and you should be able to access external and internal websites.


Testing Configuration: Yellow Light

yellow traffic light

If you see a yellow traffic light, it means that the ResNet network is testing to see if your device is correctly configured for the network. If this page switches to a green traffic light, you should receive full connectivity. If the page switches to a red traffic light, see below.


Testing Configuration: Red Light

red traffic light

If you see a red traffic light, it means that you are not properly configured for the wired network. To configure your device for 802.1x authentication on the ResNet Network you must download and run the RUWireless Secure Installer which is located on the page. If your device cannot run the installer, or you are having difficulties, call your local Computing Help Desk.

Configuration Guide

Information regarding minimum specifications and configuration settings can be found in our Getting Connected Guide.

Running the Installer

The RUWireless Secure Installer will need to be run on a device in order for the device to work on the wired network. If you are having trouble with the Secure Installer please select your device below: