How Do I Find My MAC Address?

Locating a device's MAC address is dependent on its manufacturer. Below is a list of commonly used devices and instructions on how to locate the MAC address.

Game Devices

Streaming Media Devices



PlayStation 2 : To find the MAC address of your Sony PlayStation 2 you will need the Network Adaptor connected to the PS2 and you will need the disc that came with the Network Adaptor. Then follow these steps: 

  • Power up the PlayStation 2 and load the Network Adaptor Startup Disc. 
  • Once it has loaded, select "ISP Setup" and press X on your controller. The ISP Setup will begin to load, and you will be presented with a license agreement. 
  • Select Agree and press X to continue.
  • continue. Select "Automatic Configuration" and press X to continue. 
  • For connection type, choose "Local Area Network (LAN)" and press X to 
  • At the connection test screen, select "Advanced" and press X to continue.
  • At the "Advanced Broadband Settings" screen, make sure "Automatic" is selected. While you are at this screen, make note of the MAC address at the bottom. 

PlayStation 3 : To find the MAC address of your Sony PlayStation 3 you will need the Network Adaptor connected to the PS. From the PS3 main menu screen,  follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Settings icon (located on the far left).
  • Press the "X" button.
  • Navigate up/down until you see the System Settings icon.
  • Press the "X" button.
  • Scroll up/down until you see System Information.
  • Press the "X" button.

PlayStation 4 :

  • On the main menu navigate to “Settings”
  • Click on “Network”
  • Navigate to “View Connection Status”
  • Here you will see the Wifi Mac Address and the Ethernet Mac Address
  • For the purposes of 802.1x Mac Address Bypass we will need the Ethernet Mac Address.

Xbox (original) :

  • Turn on your Xbox console with no game disc in the disc tray
  • From the Xbox Dashboard, choose Xbox Live - you should receive the following message: "Could not connect to Xbox Live Do you want to troubleshoot your network connection?"
  • From the Connect Status screen, select Settings
  • The 12-digit number at the bottom-right corner of the Network Settings screens is the MAC address of your Xbox console

Xbox 360 :

  • Go to the System area of the Xbox Dashboard and select Network Settings
  • Select Edit Settings. From Additional Settings, select Advanced Settings. At the bottom of this screen you'll see a heading called Wired MAC Address.

Xbox One :

  • If you have the first time to turn on an Xbox One device, you could try the 
  • If you have been signed into your profile on the Console following to locate it without registering your device.
  • Run through the system setup like you normally would, and let it fail
  • Select “Fix It” to use the troubleshooter to diagnose the issue, and It will show you the MAC address.
  • Reach the main menu screen, navigate to My Games & Apps.
  • Select Settings > Network > AdvanceYou will see the Wired/wireless 
  • MAC Address in the right side of the page. 

Wii :

  • Turn on the Wii
  • From the Wii Menu, select Wii options.
  • Select Wii Settings
  • Scroll to the right to Wii System Settings 2.
  • Select Internet.
  • Select Console Information

Gamecube :

  • Remove the GameCube’s broadband adapter from the console.
  • Printed on the underside of the adaptor is the MAC -Device Type

Apple TV :

  • Go to Settings > General > Network. The mac address will be listed as “Ethernet Address”

Google TV :

  • Go to Settings > Network > Status. The mac address will be listed.

Roku :

  • The mac address is printed on the bottom or back of the Roku player.
  • Alternatively, from the Roku home screen, select Settings > About. The mac address will be displayed.

Belkin :

Cisco :

Linksys :

Netgear :

  • N600
    • MAC address is listed on the bottom right of the router.
    • To acquire MAC address online go to the address or type the default gateway into the browser bar. Under “Maintenance” click on Router Status and the MAC address should be listed.
    • Setup Manual can be found at:

TP-Link :

Apple Routers :

  • AirPort Extreme

    • On the bottom of the AirPort there are two 12 digit numbers known as the EthernetID and the AirPortID. The EthernetID is equivalent to the wired MAC address.
  • AirPort Express
    • On a Macintosh computer  you can use the Airport Utility to find the Mac Addresses. Hover the mouse cursor over the light gray name of the base station, located in the top center of the edit pop-up. The MAC address(es) will appear in pop-up.
    • To access Airport Utility, Macintosh HD > Applications > Utilities > AirPort Utility
    • Setup Manual can be found at: