Network Rules

Students using computers in their rooms connected to the Rutgers Network must follow rules regarding computer usage. If you are caught violating any of the rules, your connection may be terminated without warning.

To ensure high-quality infrastructure for your academic purposes and consistent with the OIT Acceptable Use Policy, you must protect the access and integrity of your personal devices connected to the Rutgers Network including but not limited to LANs behind personal routers and PCs running any operating system. The Office of Information Technology recommends residents follow best browsing practices as outlined on the Antivirus section of the RutgersIT site.

For more details regarding computer security, visit RUSecure's site for tips and suggestions on how to keep your computer and information safe.

Below is a list of things that specifically are NOT allowed from computers in the Residence Hall Network.

  • FTP servers containing copyrighted material (Software, MP3 Files, etc)
  • Excessive amounts of data, either inbound, our outbound.
  • Web servers containing commercial content or for commercial purposes.
  • Mail Servers, you cannot run a mail server on your computer.
  • Providing Network connections to ANYONE else. If your roommate wants a connection, they can get their own. It is perfectly OK to allow someone else to use your computer, you just cannot extend the Network to other people.
  • Ping attacks on other computers.
  • Servers and or programs that end up using LOTS of bandwidth.
  • Attempting to access computers you do not have accounts on.
  • Registering your TCP/IP address with outside Domain Name Services.
  • Running 'Bots (Robots) of any kind doing anything to other computers, especially IRC bots.

Router Use

Personal wireless routers are not allowed in Residence Halls with full wireless coverage, please contact us if you would like to set up a personal router in a wired configuration, or if you believe your Residence Hall may not have full wireless coverage.